My Goals

Goals for 2018

  • Better defining my partner program
  • Creating and launching the company brand
  • Generate income from online courses and training


Professional Goals for 2015:

  • Grow my business to include strategic partners
  • Continue participating in volunteer activities, but step it up a notch
  • Join a new professional network, especially one empowering women
  • Learn from my past and take nothing for granted

Professional Goals for 2014:

  • Spend more time reflecting upon my interactions
  • Inspire others to go after their passions
  • Build a community of like-minded individuals
  • Be an excellent listener

Professional Goals for 2013:

  • Create a daily to-do list and follow it
  • Find a suitable mentor
  • Become a dedicated volunteer – GEN Austin
  • Connect with one new person each month
  • Establish a communications plan to keep up with all of my professional contacts
  • Join a mastermind group
  • Re-write my business plan, and review it once a week

NEW GOAL: Listen to one full album every week and include commentary on it in my posts


2 thoughts on “My Goals

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