About CEO Candi

Before moving to Austin, I lived the in the creative chaos of New York City – specifically Queens. I am from a family that goes back many generations in Queens and Brooklyn, making me very proud to be a real New Yorker but enjoying a healthier life in beautiful Austin, Texas.

I bring a high energy and entrepreneurial drive to every project and team I work with.  My core competencies are in relationship management, market research and content creation. Working with major companies including the New York Mets, Yamaha, Bank of America, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Match.com, and Sony Music allowed me to refine my skills. For a few years, I was lucky to call the world famous Carnegie Hall my work home.  As an integral member of that marketing team, I initiated and developed a strong community presence by cultivating relationships across the city and fostering brand awareness. Over the years I have practiced various marketing techniques including bartering, budget marketing, guerrilla marketing, grassroots branding, and strategic planning.

A post-concert photo in Stern Auditorium

Carnegie Hall

Astoria, Queens

Astoria, Queens


This blog is a place where I can share the things I learn each week, and hopefully grow beyond my comfortable realm of marketing. I’m calling myself CEO Candi because I am the key decision maker of my own life, and the one making the investments in the future.


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