The Adventure Generation

Before you start writing your marketing message, think about the people you are trying to connect with. 

Understand This Generation 

Adventure. That’s what it’s all about.

Remember the days of living in a neighborhood? I’m talking about the real kind of neighborhood where kids could run around free because they were always within sight or ear shot of someone’s mom. I am among the lucky ones who got to be part of that generation of freedom and adventure. We were our own tribe of Goonies. Everyday in the yard or down the street we had an adventure – looking for treasures or just playing games. Still, we were rightfully afraid of cops, robbers and drug dealers…but not enough to be kept gated in.

The Goonies generation, as I call it, were born between 1973-1983. It’s a subset of Gen Y / Millennial (according to me). This group is one of the first generations to be introduced to technology at a young age, but not born with a computer in hand. We still remember brick phones and the “revolution” of graphical calculators. We were old enough to experience the world during the OJ Simpson trial, Columbine shootings, Bill Clinton scandals, and the first World Trade Center bomb. We voted for the first non-white president and gay marriage rights.

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Goof Balls. The Goonies Generation

Talking to This Demographic

Trying to connect with this subset of a generation is not easy. We are split into the tech-savvy and the anti-tech people.  Most of us are liberal, but many still have conservative family values. So what can we all agree on? Adventure

No matter what sub-subset we are part of, the Goonies generation craves adventure. We were raised on it and it lies in the core of our being. So when you want to connect with someone in their thirties (currently), ask yourself what adventure you can offer.  Keep this in mind in terms of your marketing and promotional messages.