What’s Your Tribe?

During an event that I attended this week, the speaker posed 3 key questions to the audience:

1. What is the purpose of your tribe?

2. Why would your tribe talk about you?

3. Who, How, What, When, and Where is your tribe?

Though it may seam daft, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by “my tribe”. So I started to think about the people I surround myself with and those who I associate with in business. If you feel like your colleagues or coworkers don’t make you feel inspired or challenged, then you may need to find your real tribe.

Steps to Find Your Tribe

1. Identify the type of people you enjoy being with. How do you use your natural talents when you’re with them?

2. Find those people and spend time with them, learn from them, and be inspired by them.


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The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling Your Marketing Message

That’s what content marketing really is anyway… telling a story to your target customers.

Art of Storytelling, storytelling, CEO Candi


Interpretation – When someone hears your story, he or she will usually redefine it and the story becomes new ideas based on how the listener (your customer) interpreted it.

Shared Experience – As you tell a happy story, listeners will also feel happy. Through the inflection in your voice, the words you choose, or how things are described the listener will experience what you are feeling or revealing.

Emotional Ties – The difference between telling a story and just talking is the flow. Telling a story moves in a specific fashion that causes people to become emotionally attached to your story. These emotions help people to remember the story. In the long run, this is what creates customer loyalty.

Creating Brain Activity – A well-told story can cause several parts of the brain to activate. Make someone feel hungry for the food you provide feel the relief of the massage you can offer, or smell the sweet roses you will deliver – all through the words you choose.

So what is your brand’s story and how are you telling it?

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