Obsessed With Words

Beautiful Words

Don’t you just love the way different words feel on your body? There’s a nature preserve in Louisiana called Atchafalaya (meaning long river). It’s pronounced Ah-Cha-Fa-Lie-Ah. Say that out loud. It feels so cool to say and sounds beautiful – like the word is both native and foreign all at once. Atchafalaya is one of those words whose meaning is well reflected in the sound of the word. The same goes for scrumptious. I can almost taste the first muffin that was described as scrumptious – it’s blueberry and delicious.

Obsessed with Words

I’m obsessed with words. It’s a love affair with writing, walking, reading, listening, and watching. There is a great joy in expressing yourself and interpreting other’s expressions. It’s the people communicating with me, and even those at a distance, that make the words interesting. What would words be if they could not be expressed after all?

Cultivated Communicator

It has taken years for me to realize this, but my side obsession with words is more than just fun for journals and crafts. My love for music is often tied to the way that lyrics and instruments complement each other. Now I get it! All of the writing, acting, singing, dancing, and speeching has led me to this place. I have cultivated my communications skills through this vast array of channels to become a truly cultivated communicator.  

This refined set of talents gives me the ability to clearly deliver communications through whatever medium is required. That’s what I should be doing all the time.

Epiphany Cultivated Communicator



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