A Love Letter to the N Train

A Love Affair with Mass Transit

While walking along the South Congress bridge into downtown on a morning filled with clouds and drizzle, I flashed back to a cozy memory of my old subway line. That moment gave me pause, and I considered the pros and cons of public transportation. During those steps in the drizzle rain I could only think back to the good parts.

N Train, Subway, New York

Dear N Train,

As it rains here in sunny Texas, I think back to those rainy days in New York. I can see myself shuffle down the street with a broken umbrella, then I fight my way up the stairs and I quickly grab the Metro paper. At the top I wait with baited breath for you to arrive. Those first few minutes of a cold dreary morning are alleviated once I step through your doors.

I sit in the comfort of a dry warm space where I could rest my feet. Even though there people pressed up against every side of me, I feel so pleasantly alone with you. My mind slowly wakes up in a relaxed state as I finish reading the paper, and I switch to my book of the week.  People shuffle in and out, but I only notice because of the chimes. You say, “The next stop is 59th street, Lexington Avenue.”

You make sure I don’t miss my stop by letting me know where we are each time. Your pleasant voice tells me that, “the next stop is 57th street, 7th avenue.” As I rise from my seat, I realize my morning with you is over and I must move on with the day. I’ll see you again… tonight.



What does it mean?

I’m sure this love letter written to a subway train seems obscure and unrelated to this blog, but read the letter again. This is my reflection on how I spend my personal time verses my professional time. Riding a train to and from work every day forced me to focus on something I enjoyed for those 30 minutes each way. I didn’t do work or check emails, just read or listen music.

While being an entrepreneur or small business owner often means working long beyond a typical 40 hour week, it does not mean you should give up the things that bring you personal joy. I miss reading so often and being disconnected from technology for a period of time each day. Mass transit always forced it on me, so now I am working to find a way to make my own way.