Scary Decisions

What if You’re Afraid of Change?

If you asked me 5 years ago how I felt about change, my face would light up and I would say, “Awesome!” in response. For so many years I found that big life changes were a part of my driving force and growth. I was hired to be oversee the brand authorization at one job and within 1 month my boss was fired, so suddenly my job was in jeopardy. Apparently, he had not told any other departments (except HR) about the new role he created or that someone was hired. 

Quick Aside: Licensing within a large brand or organization affects ALL departments. The role usually lives in the marketing or finance realm. 

Suddenly, I had department heads whom I had never met before shouting at me as if I had been the culprit of some devious scheme to bring down the company. To a doe-eyed 25 year old, this was an overwhelming situation. I took a deep breath, talked through the situation with my temporary supervisor, and suggested for more role to be a liaison among departments with a core focus on marketing. Embrace the Change.

Wicked, Embracing Change

Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith in Wicked.

Fast forward to June of this year, and I was both exhausted and scared of the huge life change I had made. Quitting a full-time job for freelance work and to pursue your own business sounds way more exciting than the process actually is in reality. The cheesy lyrics from one of my favorite pop-punk bands sung in my head one day, “I’ve never been so lost. I’ve never felt so much at home.” 

Whether you like change or not, it happens every single day. Running away from change only delays the inevitable, so why bother? Think about what it feels like to step into the ocean from a beach front. At first the waves are crashing against you and it’s hard to walk too far, but at one point it suddenly works and you are going with the flow of the water.

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Album Review:

Something Corporate, Leaving Through the Window (2002)

This album was an anthem for me in college. Most of the songs have insightful lyrics that click with any young adult, but the simple chord progressions are what makes it easy to enjoy. As much as I love deep sophisticated music like Philip Glass and Miles Davis, sometimes my brain needs to take a break. It is so much fun to sing along to “If You C Jordan” sometimes.