What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

Eight years in the workforce and yet I still ask myself this question.  The average kid responds to this question with something along the lines of “teacher,” “doctor,” “nurse,” “president,” or “lawyer.” I was similar to my peers, but changed my mind rather often. Each kid in my family was given the wonderful My Book About Me by Dr. Seuss. I filled out every single page in that book – from the number of stairs in the house to the self portrait. The page that had the most on-going attention was definitely the career page. Every few years I would write down a career and scratch out the previous one. This is a collection of my scribbles:

  • Mother (age 6)
  • Nurse (age 8)
  • Singer (age 12)
  • Model (age 13)
  • Agent (age 15)
  • Music Venue Owner (Age 17)

I could not make up my mind as a kid, and now it is even harder because I have tried on a few different kinds of jobs. Why do we have to be just one thing? In church, my pastor told me  that God was 3 different people in one – the father, the son and the holy ghost. And look at Richard Branson‘s career. He has put his hands in several different industries since the 70s – music, airlines, mobile phones, clubs, birth control, sports, beverages, healthcare, and banking (I’m sure I missed something).

Branson’s list of seemingly unrelated products and services all have one common thread – Life is an Adventure. Every endeavor has captured Branson’s “live life as an adventure” energy. This is his driving force. Instead of trying to figure out what I am supposed to be, maybe I should take a step back and consider what my driving force is.

When you are happiest at work or coming up with a new idea that excites you, where did that energy come from? Why did that particular idea make you so happy or excited?

Life is an Adventure, Live it

Life Is An Adventure. Let’s Play