The Story of My Journey…So far

When I look back at my journey thus far I realize that there is a recurring theme – the weight of relationships. From childhood through college, and especially in adulthood, I have felt the impact of friendships, coworker relationships and even romantic relationships more than anything else going on in my life.

Growing Up

Going back to elementary school I remember the most difficult transition being all about my friends. The county changed the district lines for the elementary schools, so after third grade my brother and I had to switch from our “down to earth” middle class school to the new money middle class school. Having an awesome mom helped the process. She reminded me that I knew a few kids at my new school from preschool and kindergarten. However, she couldn’t protect me from the bullying and typical “new kid” issues everyone faces. It was so important for me to fit in and be accepted.  But Why?

By high school I had found a home among the nerdy outcasts. We were a powerful mixture of the smart kids, theatre geeks, musicians, and other creative types – Creative Outcasts. While some kids hated high school, I thrived. Everyday I was surrounded by people – asking questions, sharing stories, practicing music. It didn’t really matter, as long as we shared positive interactions.

Even the huge shift into college was centered around the relationships I made. Though my freshman year roommate and I were nothing alike, I adapted to her styles so that we could bond. While that sounds conformist and boring, I learned a lot from her. I had never met a vegan before or someone from a charter school or an animal activist. She brought out good things in me and the others around her. Eventually, I moved forward and found similar women. We founded the Pi Beta chapter of Delta Zeta sorority. Yes, that also sounds conformist; but at the time it was rebellious and revolutionary. We were in a small university with too many sororities already. Rather than going through rush and pretending to fit in, we made our own unique community of like-minded women. No hazing or cattiness. We were powerful women trying to improve campus and build ourselves into tomorrow’s leaders.


My work of choice has been in the arts – modern art museum, Broadway shows, music halls, and now my current business plan. As I reflect on my roles in these businesses I realize two things:

  • The arts inherently brings with it a strong community
  • Marketing is 90% about connecting with other people and engagement

Where do I go next?


For your entertainment…this video is a peek into the world of my Creative Outcast friends as we produced Fiddler on the Roof. It was the first show of many. I’m the girl in a red shirt painting set in the opening shot.


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