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You want me to decide the business structure before I even have a real team in place? That is crazy! Or is it?

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Right now I am a one woman show. My business is still very much in ideation and development. I have connected with several people to gain insights into different creative disciplines so that I can create a user experience suited to the array of demographics that I’m trying to reach. However, I have yet to bring partners into the picture.

  • What do I need from others?
  • How do I know that I can trust these people?
  • Are they in it for the long run?
  • Where do they fit into the business structure?

PAUSE! Take a deep breath, calm down and step away from the business as your baby for a moment. If you were a business consultant or even a friend giving advice about how to structure this company, what would you say?

My Response (to myself):

It is too hard to do start a business on your own. You NEED a team in place. They are your support system, your brain-trust, fresh eyes, talent, and balance. Start by having deeper conversations with people you know and respect. If there is interest, then take it a step further by talking about involvement in the company. You definitely need a strong software developer, but maybe the first phase does not require someone of such a high skill set.  Next you need to consider what your action items are.

Growing Business in Hand

  • Claim your URL
  • Getting an LLC and your DBA
  • Opening up a business bank account
  • Revisiting the business plan – fill in the empty spots

It is time for me to stop treating my business like a newborn baby, and to start letting it crawl around. The business will only grow and develop if I let go a little.  Here we go…

*Check out this clever SlideShare that compares branding your new business to a baby.


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