Incredible Energy in Business

Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to participate in a group with many incredible people. Everyone has their own story to tell, question to answer and unique perspective on the world. We all have one thing in common – we are on a journey. Most of us have the novelty seeking gene for needing to create something new. For the past few Monday nights we have gathered to discuss and understand the most important part of how to start a new business – the owner/entrepreneur.

In class we share our stories of who we are and how we arrived in this place. We ask about the question or goal that drives through your story. We learned about people’s core energies, according to our leader, and reflected upon our own energy. Even though this group has very much been a space for learning about ourselves and our peers, it feels like a tight nit group of strangers meant to be friends.

So far, my biggest take away from this class has been self-reflection. When I take the time to reflect on the events of the day, my reactions to things, subconscious thoughts I usually ignore, and how I feel, then I see things much clearer. The questions like “why am I stuck on this business model and blinded to other options?” becomes apparent to me. In many ways I am keeping myself in a holding pattern until I have found the person I decide to trust – the person who will help me carry the weight of these ideas buzzing through my head.

A big part of my journey is about the connections I make, how I nurture them and what they mean to both me personally and my business. My next steps are to deepen the relationships that have already begun to develop and to keep myself open to the opportunities that cross my path, especially the people with incredible energies.

Entrepreneurs Journey, CEO Candi


Your Business Structure

You want me to decide the business structure before I even have a real team in place? That is crazy! Or is it?

Puzzle, business structure

Right now I am a one woman show. My business is still very much in ideation and development. I have connected with several people to gain insights into different creative disciplines so that I can create a user experience suited to the array of demographics that I’m trying to reach. However, I have yet to bring partners into the picture.

  • What do I need from others?
  • How do I know that I can trust these people?
  • Are they in it for the long run?
  • Where do they fit into the business structure?

PAUSE! Take a deep breath, calm down and step away from the business as your baby for a moment. If you were a business consultant or even a friend giving advice about how to structure this company, what would you say?

My Response (to myself):

It is too hard to do start a business on your own. You NEED a team in place. They are your support system, your brain-trust, fresh eyes, talent, and balance. Start by having deeper conversations with people you know and respect. If there is interest, then take it a step further by talking about involvement in the company. You definitely need a strong software developer, but maybe the first phase does not require someone of such a high skill set.  Next you need to consider what your action items are.

Growing Business in Hand

  • Claim your URL
  • Getting an LLC and your DBA
  • Opening up a business bank account
  • Revisiting the business plan – fill in the empty spots

It is time for me to stop treating my business like a newborn baby, and to start letting it crawl around. The business will only grow and develop if I let go a little.  Here we go…

*Check out this clever SlideShare that compares branding your new business to a baby.