Creating a Creative Community

My heart belongs to music and theatre. It has since I was a little girl. No matter how well I have done in marketing, management or other business adventures, I have always made time to support the creative community. 

The US Education System and The Arts

One of my favorite classical performers is the beloved “venture culturalist” Yo-Yo Ma ( he also plays the cello from time to time). He wants to save the arts – read more. Consider me on the Yo-Yo Ma bandwagon. Several people have heard that our education system in the US is killing the arts and creativity. Maybe this is for the best. They were not doing such a great job with it before. I think it is time to take control of our creative education outside of a traditional classroom.

Birth of Creative Communities

There has been a strong response to a lack of creative education throughout the country.

“Let’s just do it on our own.”

This response has occurred in the form of artist collectives, websites to share your art, blogs, and community based organizations. I love it! Here in Austin, Texas I have stumbled upon a huge and highly talented society of creatives. They have created co-working spaces, galleries, stages, and other safe/affordable places for developing your art – music, visual art, film, theatre, writing, graphic design, comedy, dance, etc.

Creative Talking Bubbles


The thing that most of these communities are missing is business education. A band is just something you do for fun until it becomes an income generator, right? The successful bands have at least one member who understands the business – contracts, finance, marketing, etc. BUT right-brained people generally do not want to deal with or learn any of that business stuff. I am an unusual breed of musician because I love all of the business stuff and I have a knack for making it easy to understand. How will I leverage this insight and talent into a business that supports the creative community?