Bridges Should Always Remain

We have all experienced times in our lives when we want to get revenge or pretend we do not know the person who hurt us. As much pain as he or she brought on me, the experience changed me and possibly made me a better person. Running or hiding never solved anything (unless there is a zombie apocalypse), so I realized one day that I need to stop and recognize the experience for what it is. The people we meet and the experiences we share enrich our lives. It sounds a bit cliche, but think about it – what would you lose if you stopped connecting with others?

  • Smiles and laughter
  • Great stories to re-tell
  • Moments of epiphany
  • Breakthroughs – even if they come from tears
  • Self realizations friends and connections matter

The picture here is goofy, and you can tell that we are long time friends. It doesn’t matter if we have fought before, annoyed the other person or simply disagreed. We know there is a connection worth holding on to.

I am a big proponent of making deep connections with those I work with and professionally befriend. There have definitely been times when I don’t want to hear an alternative opinion to my idea or concept, but I listen anyway. We all have those moments where a client or co-worker says every possible thing incorrectly and insists that he or she is right. A difficult part of being a leader or a good manager is relationship building. If you have taken the time to build strong bridges, then no disagreement will break that trust. Being honest about who you are, your limitations, understanding other people and accepting it will make you a great leader.


One thought on “Bridges Should Always Remain

  1. Strongly agree with your view. we will never know what will happen next. the person who hurt us before may be the person who contributes to our success in life. and trust is a must


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