Every New Beginning Comes From Another End

Today is my first official day as an independent contractor. It is my new beginning. Last week I

had to say farewell to some dear friends and colleagues at 3Seventy. I was lucky to work with such good people and learn so much from each unique character. As the title says, every new beginning  comes from the end of something else. This HUGE change is the reason I have not posted in a few weeks, so my apologies for the lack of attention to this blog. To make this big leap of faith I had to do a few things.

How I Quit My Full-Time Job to Pursue Something Bigger

  • Believe in myself and my ideascaterpillar becomes a butterfly
  • Figure out my financial situation – aka “what does it take for me to pay my bills while I build the dream?”
  • Find part-time work to fulfill those financial needs
  • Tell friends, family and professional associates about my idea
  • Accept that there will be failures along the way, but I must prepare to pivot
  • Take a deep breath, close my eyes and imagine the future – that is my driving force, the success

I will reveal more about my “big idea” soon.