What’s Your Stock Value?

My grandfather died during my senior year of high school. He did not have much to leave behind, but what he did have he tried to spread evenly among us grandkids – American Airlines stock (oy vey). Back in 2001 each stock was worth $1, at one point the value dropped to $0.51 and with the recent merger (US Airways) it jumped up to $4.89. Over a 12 year period my mediocre piece of stock became useless, but eventually became something worth holding on to. It made me wonder… if my work and life experience was printed on a piece of paper and given a stock value, what would that dollar amount be, and what would my highs and lows look like?

What would I be worth to employers or investors looking to trade me? How do I figure out that value? It is very amusing to Google the phrase “What am I worth?” I came across a website called Human For Sale that invites you to take a quiz providing a monetary result for your net worth. It’s a total fishing site, so I don’t recommend using it. I took the dumb risk to find out that my net worth is $1,976,120, which is pretty cool, I guess.

What's My Value?

My value in the market place comes from my life experiences. Here is a list of some of the random highlights since age 18:

  • Playing with kids at a nature camp
  • Perfecting my music and diving into business classes
  • Interning at the BB King Blues Club
  • Starting a new chapter of Delta Zeta sorority
  • Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
  • Working at the world famous Carnegie Hall
  • Promoting Broadway Shows
  • Getting involved in the Austin tech community
  • Teaching people how to sing

So what does all of this add up to? A well rounded gal who loves to learn something new each day, find the next challenge and create new opportunities. Apparently that makes me worth about $2 million.

Net Worth