Depending On Others

It is so hard for some people spread the wealth of work that needs to be done. Throughout my years working for an array of personalities I have definitely been micromanaged. At the time it was hard for me to understand why anyone would do that, but in retrospect I see that those people had issues with trust and working on a team.

One supervisor comes to mind – she was smart and driven, but always questioned her role and power in the organization. I loved working on the team and always trusted that everyone was trying to create something great. Yes, of course there was the occasional lazy bones who didn’t pull his weight; but the rest of us always picked up the slack – that is what a team does. She wanted great results as I did, but her approach was so very different. I did not like being told what to do, especially in such a condescending way. I kept asking myself, “why was I hired if she can do it all?” Oh did we butt heads sometimes, but I learned how to compromise with her. I also learned the importance of real team work and what that looks like.

Team Work, Depending On Others

My Takeaway

I thrive off of the team – the energy, focus, creativity, and of course the balance of the work load. Finding a leader who understands and respects the importance of trusting the team is often difficult. If I was put into a leadership 5 years ago, then I probably would have made the same mistakes with my team. Life experience has taught me that while one must closely watch your team, you must also trust those you depend upon – they were hired for a reason