The Concrete Jungle of Dreams

I love New York City. I don’t like the cold or the noise, but I love the people and the energy. New York is filled with creative and passionate people. It may be because of the abundance of cultures represented or the history of the city, or even the mixture of economic statuses. I believe it is all of these things plus the lights – how can anyone not be inspired by this skyline?

New York, the concrete jungle

People make a city the buildings, businesses, art, culture, food, transportation, style. All of this comes from the creative class of people who make a city great. The people of New York City are a unique mixture of styles, interests and passions. While riding the train you can meet a recently relocated South African wearing every color of the rainbow who wants to be a fashion designer; or you may sit next to the 32 year old mother of 2 who donates her few hours of free time to a small neighborhood museum. All of the possibilities are exciting and interesting to me. The energy that these unique people bring to the city is what makes it so magical.

During my little vacation back to the homeland, I met up with old friends, coworkers, my family and even a few awesome strangers. One gentleman told me all about his talented daughter, and asked if I could help her out. She is a composer and performer in Brooklyn who is struggling to get noticed. I met with Dana Carmel at a little coffee shop in Union Square. She gave me some faith – in her, in music, in me, and of course in the future. Hopefully I can help her to make a few changes and get some attention.

As the third month of this year comes to a close, I have looked back on my search and writings. This incredible search for a career, a path, my goals, etc means nothing without the people who I want to help and influence. Rather than trying to search for the perfect dream in a concrete jungle like New York, I want to explore all of my possibilities right here among the Texas hills.