Walking the Line

There’s a thin line that we all walk when trying to balance the many pieces of our lives – working, socializing, relationships, hobbies, and other adventures. Finding this balance is not always easy. I have been struggling for many years to live in a place of equilibrium, as have many of my friends.

Living in New York was like being in a state of perpetual imbalance. I lived for work. My life was all about Carnegie Hall and the work I was doing there. The events we had, people I met and concerts we promoted were the center of my everything. Even my social life came in at second best – the relationships in my life should have been higher up.

A big part of my move to Austin was based on the realization that I needed to counteract my over-dedication to work. A big part of Austin is the high importance on one’s personal life, and generally being happy. I constantly find myself checking in on my work-life balance. It is sometimes funny to see me catching myself – sometimes it’s as simple as watching a video on YouTube that will make me laugh or smile.

I’ve learned a few tricks to keeping myself in check:

  • Outdoor activity – I bike to and from work everyday. It helps me avoid the stress of sitting int traffic. I get in a light workout to start my day. And it wakes me up before starting the work day. For the few days that I cannot bike to work, I make sure to take a 20-30 minute walk outside at some point of the day. I love getting some vitamin D and fresh air. 
  • Music – This is my personalized escape from the chaos. When I listen to music, it always lightens my mood and takes me to a happy place. Thank goodness for Pandora and my iPod.
  • Friday Nights – I dedicate one night each week to be alone with me. Friday nights work best because I’m usually tired from the week of work and activities.
  • Water – Getting up and away from my desk every 45 minutes or so is so important. I make sure to drink lots of water, and the time it takes to get up for it helps me remind myself that there is more than just work to do.Life LIfe - Aurora Night

2 thoughts on “Walking the Line

  1. I live near NYC and know how tough it is to keep carving out a life. People here are workaholic. One reason I work for myself is being able to take breaks whenever I want. I work hard but balance it easily without interference.


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