Keeping the Faith In YOU

It is so easy to stop believing. I had an awful week in February that made me feel like breaking things. I questioned everything, assumed that I would never succeed and stopped wanting to achieve. Being sick that week slowed me down, so I felt very behind on all of my tasks. Then I did some basic financial analysis of my “big business” idea – and I discovered that there’s no money in it. The final straw was on Thursday morning. Upon starting my computer, I had the black screen of death…the hard drive had finally crashed. The entire week was clouded by failures in my mind. I lost the faith for a few days and it wasn’t pretty. Luckily, I am not the star of some overly dramatized reality television show, so very few people know about my mini-breakdown (until now).

At the end of my week from hell I realized that there are some amazing women in my life. These women believe in me. Some of those women are business acquaintances, others still strangers and a couple of good friends. They told me things like, “You have that special something inside you that every entrepreneur needs. I knew that from the moment we met” and “You just connect with people without even trying.” These huge compliments were the boost I needed that week. It made me appreciate the people in my life who I may not give enough credit to – the people who stand by my side even when I don’t realize that they are right there.

This week I am taking a moment to thank the people who are there for me. Thank you all so much for loving me the way I am and supporting my crazy dreams. I hope I can repay the kindness that you have shared.