What Drives You?

Being strong and fearless isn’t enough to help me reach my goals. It is important to remind myself everyday why I am driving towards this larger goal of a music venue. Why do I want this dream?

There are days when I am sick, weak or just tired. In those moments it’s difficult to focus, and sometimes I just want to lay in bed to avoid everything. No matter what I go through, at some point of the day I take 5 minutes to imagine the happy future that I want. Everyone has their own way of doing this.  For me, it requires a quiet place that is comfortable where I can have some uninterrupted time alone. After getting comfortable, I close my eyes and then go into a meditative state. Once there, I can see the possibilities of my future. It is not a fantasy. This is my future. I can get to the place that I see in my mind. For me, I saw this future quickly and quite clearly; but not everyone can easily access their subconscious in this way. Find a way to see your future self – draw it, write it, think it, talk about it. Do whatever it takes for you to reach that place.

It’s so important to be relaxed during this process. Otherwise you cannot see your best future self  clearly. Every time you step into this place it will strengthen your drive. It will serve as a reminder of why you want to achieve that dream or goal.

Sunset in Austin, TX

Part of what drives me towards my dream are my values – helping people, sharing music and creating a community around the arts. I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives with what I do everyday.

So what drives you towards your goals?