Becoming Fearless


This week we had the kick off of Lent. During the 40 days leading up to Easter we are asked to fast or abstain from luxuries. Some people give up eating during the daylight hours, others give up meat on Fridays, but most of us try to give up something that we can and should do without. It is important that one commits to fasting during Lent, otherwise it is a useless practice.

The thing that I abused most in 2012 was fear. There were so many instances where I let fears slow me down and prevent my growth. For these reasons, I am giving up fear for Lent.

Instead of letting fear stop me, I will face it head on. How does one get past fear?

First – Live in the now, one minute at a time, rather than worrying about tomorrow.

Second – Ask myself what’s the worst that could happen. What is the real potential outcome?
Third – Deep breaths. Circular breathing helps to reduce stress and allows the brain to focus.

Fourth – Understand why I feel fear, and resolving to move past it.

Fifth – Realize that failure is not the end of the world.

A list of 33 ways to overcome fear