Be Brave and Make a Plan

Planning for the future can be both exciting and frightening. Maybe I am biased,  but I think it is slightly harder for women than it is for men. This, of course, is a broad blanket statement, but hear me out first.

I grew up in a family where my father brought home the paychecks and my mother planned how it was spent – mortgage, school, groceries, etc. This was a typical family setup among many people that I knew for a long time. Part of my parents’ partnership with each other was this balance. My mom had to be the one really thinking about the future and making recommendations to dad about different things, like family trips and medical expenses. She had to really believe in the things that she could foresee being important.

My parents worked hard in this team dynamic to give us kids a good life. Now that I am the adult making my own plans and thinking about my future it’s a new challenge, and I want to be happy. I can budget for groceries or trips to visit my sisters in New York. But when it comes to the bigger life planning, I hesitate and question my ideas. Will this concept be successful? Will I wake up a total failure with no money left for me to plan with?

Rather than constantly question myself, I have decided to take a leap of faith and move forward. I will Be Brave and Plan. I admit that I want.more than the 9-5 job. I moved to Austin in pursuit of a dream, and I must take action now.

The first step for me is the executive summary. I will be finishing that over the weekend, so you can read a sneak peak of it this coming week. To achieve great success in your passion it’s vital to take your steps carefully, rather than running forward full force. I will make at least one goal towards completing this refined business plan each week.

Any tips on writing a strong executive summary are welcome.