Your Halftime Show

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show will feature the incredibly talented Ms Beyonce Knowles. More than 100 million people are expected to watch the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers go head to head next Sunday in New Orleans, which means Beyonce will have the largest audience of her life. What does it mean to have so much attention on you? 

Super Bowl, halftime show, 2013, Beyonce

I’m a singer, a performer, an actor, and a speaker, but I still worry about the moment I step on to a stage – no matter how large the crowd. I cannot imagine what Beyonce must be going through during the week leading up to her biggest performance. No matter how well practiced we are or confident, it is so easy to get presentatoin anxiety.

We all experience the feeling of uncertainty about our abilities. Do you ever walk into a presentation for work and have a “moment” where you freak out and think that you are going to fail? Deep down you know that you will be fine, but an evil voice in the back of your subconscious will always make you question yourself. Tell that voice to shut the heck up! Delete that voice from your head. Look in the mirror and acknowledge what is going on, then stop accepting the negative beliefs.

One of my goals this week is to develop a strategy for blocking the negative thoughts about my own abilities.

Step 1 – Face My Fears. Why do I feel anxious or nervous about a presentation or performance?

Step 2 – Accept my own limitations. It is okay if I am not perfect in everything that I do.

Step 3 – Recognize what events and experiences cause me to feel self conscious.

Step 4 – Smile. Once I decide that it’s going to be okay, then it will be okay.