Personality Test

Remember when your high school or college counselor gave you the Myers-Briggs personality test? We thought little about the results and didn’t attribute it much value. Especially in college, I felt solid in my understanding of Me. My years of self discovery taught me that I like working with people and I wanted to inspire others. That was the profound understanding…ugh. I was such a young inexperienced mind, thinking I knew it all. There was so much more to it…more for me to learn about myself.

Now I am on a new path of self discovery, and starting over at the place where it all began – a personality test. Over the past week I have taken several of these tests. It’s actually stressful to think about where I may fall in the scheme of personality matching up to a career. What if it turns out that I would be best as something I have no interest in?

After about 6 different tests of varying quality, I discovered a few things that repeated. From a scientific standpoint, that is what I was looking for in this experiment. Most of the time I come out as an ENFJ

  • Leadership. This repeated over and over again. That my personality type is an en excellent leader because I am both conscientious and motivating to others. 
  • Structure. Another repeat word. I like a structured environment that involves team work.
  • Helping. The world is full of needs and people who I can help. It is my duty and what drives my hard work – helping people.
  • Relationships. This didn’t surprise me at all. I am very human-oriented. I believe in making face-time (a reason why I love Skype), and picking up the phone over sending an email. It is clear that I love relationship building and networking.

Over the next couple of days I will be digesting this information and relating it to my work and life experiences. Maybe this focus in meditation will shed some light for me in my next steps of growth.