The Past Helps Pave the Future

Every year we plan, screw up the plan but still accomplishing something…

2012 was not an easy year for me personally, and professionally it was rather manic. Through the good times and bad, I learned a few things – mostly on a deeper level than I understood them before.

1. My grandmother past away last summer. I was lucky to have spent so much time with her throughout the months leading up to her passing. She lost her husband at a young age, but kept on working to support her family and was an unsung hero of the women’s rights movement. The experience taught me that life is long, but each day is rather short. This means I need to take action everyday if I want to succeed.

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2. I am a very trusting person, and I often invite strangers into my life too quickly. A few people take advantage of this trait and lie to me or abuse the privilege. I know better now that people come in and out of our lives all the time. Each one impacts us, but the most important ones will stay with me forever. Surround yourself with people who care about you and want you to succeed.

3. Since my demeanor is so friendly, I tend to collect new friends wherever I go. At networking events I was targeting certain kinds of companies or people based upon what I could get from them. Forget that! Connect with all kinds of people whether they are in your industry or not. Make time to network at least once per month, and more importantly follow up with the people you meet.

4. I faced some personal challenges in 2012 that could have been my demise. For a little while I punished myself, but soon I realized that it was useless to do so. Be positive about life. Negativity only births bad things. The power of having a positive outlook is uncanny and can change your world.

5. This past year I realized that I have a talent for teaching people all kinds of information – health, tech, arts, all kinds of random things. Admit when you are good at something and do something about it. I began giving voice lessons again, and soon I’ll be volunteering with GEN Austin

6. If you believe in yourself, then those around you will believe too. Always, always believe.

Overall, I learned that human connections are vital to my personal and professional growth. A text message or email is not enough to develop deep relationships. Taking the time to pick up the phone to call someone or make time to see his or her face can be a game changer.

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